Qualify an Additional Business With Your License

Do you want to qualify an additional business with your Florida contractor license?

You’ve come to the right place! Florida Contractor Licensing LLC can help you use your license to qualify an additional business entity. Read below to see how we can help you qualify an additional business entity fast and efficiently! Or click Apply Now at the top of the page to get started!

How does it work?

We simplify the process of qualifying an additional entity by providing assistance from beginning to end. We’ll provide the necessary forms required by the state, detailed instructions on what’s needed to complete the qualification, and work with the state on your behalf to get your application approved.

The first step is obtaining your current license information. We pull that information directly from the state to ensure its accuracy. Then we’ll collect information from you regarding the business entity you’d like to qualify including the financially responsible officer.

The third step is ensuring all of the surety bond and insurance requirements are met. Florida Contractor Licensing LLC is not an insurance agency but can obtain quotes on your behalf. This includes the financial stability and financially responsible officer bonds and the mandatory general liability coverage if needed.

The final step is submitting your application to the state. We’ll submit your application to DBPR for processing which will be done in the order it was received. We then monitor its status with the DBPR by following up on a weekly basis, assisting with any additional questions they may have, and reporting back to you. That’s right! No more waiting on the DBPR for hours on the phone because we do it for you!

How much does it cost?

We charge a one-time fee of $399 for each business entity qualified. Please note this fee does not include the applicable state and vendor fees (background check, etc.). However, this fee includes application preparation, processing, and the other services mentioned above. In many cases, this fee is charged directly to the business entity being qualified with an existing Florida contractor license.

As with most licensing activities, you can perform this service yourself. However, if you’re qualifying an additional entity, that probably means you’re already hard at work with your existing business. Whatever time you’re spending on the qualification application is resulting in lost time for that business. Isn’t the cost of your time worth it?

Do you have customer service?

Absolutely! We strive on our ability to provide fast and effective customer service when you need it most. We realize you’ll have questions about the process as that’s the whole reason we’re here. You can reach us anytime by emailing for immediate assistance or by calling 8444842466.