Florida Contractor License Cost

New Licenses, Qualifying an Additional Business, and Renewals

Congratulations on making the decision to get your Florida contractors license! You’re on your way to building a business of your own or, some cases, using your existing license to qualify another business. Either way, Florida Contractor Licensing LLC is happy to assist you in accomplishing your goals. You’ll find and explanation of our services along with our pricing listed below.

New Contractor License Cost – How Much?

Florida Contractor Licensing LLC charges a one-time fee of $199 to guide you through the Florida contractor license application process. This cost-effective solution includes:

  • Construction license application preparation and support
  • Scheduling of your fingerprints
  • A checklist of items needed to complete your application
  • Application timeline for required actions
  • References for surety bonds and insurance

Please note the $199 fee does not include the application fee charged by the state, required credit check or fingerprinting expense, or the cost of any required bonds or insurance.

Qualifying an Additional Business Cost

Let us help use your existing license to qualify another business! While this process is a little more confusing and time consuming than applying for a new license, we still offer a low, one-time fee of $199 to assist with your application. Our fee includes the following services:

  • Qualifying an Additional Business Entity application preparation and support
  • Scheduling fingerprints
  • A timeline of events and checklist of items needed to submit your application
  • Insurance and surety bond references

Much like applying for a new Florida construction license, the state and vendors charge additional fees. Our convenient processing fee does not include the cost of fingerprints, obtaining business and personal credit reports, or state application fees.

Renewing Your Florida Construction License

Renewing your license must be done online on the state’s website. We can do this on your behalf for just $199 excluding state fees! This fee includes online processing through the state’s website and submitting any required documentation.

Other Florida Contractor License Services

Florida Contractor Licensing LLC offers many other licensing services. Need a name change or want to reactivate your license? Contact us today to learn how!