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Our Approach

Our approach to contractor licensing is simple.  We know applying for a license is difficult and often confusing.  We also know that mistakes on your application can delay your license.  That's why we make the licensing process easy to understand and set a clear timeline for you license.  After all, your efforts are probably better focused on things like making money instead of worrying about applications right?

Our Story

The idea for our business came from a surety bond company.  Bonds are usually required to get a contractor license and, as time passed, the company was often asked to help with the licensing process.  Since bonds are in integral part of licensing, it was an easy choice to form a company dedicated to helping clients obtain their license.

Meet the Executive Team


Bart Leek


Bart heads up the executive team at  He's responsible for the day-to-day operations and assists with licensing applications to this day.  Don't be surprised to hear him pick up the phone and handle your application questions personally!

Ready to Get your License?

You're only seconds away from making the decision of a lifetime.  Whether you're deciding to start your own business or tired of fearing the legal consequences for working without a license, Florida Contractor Licensing LLC is ready to help with your application!